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and win great prizes!

We've worked hard to make supporting causes fun! You get rewarded for supporting companies that give back to our non-profit partners, and can win prizes provided by those same companies.

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psGive rewards you for interacting with brands that support our cause partners. You can earn credits (tokens) to use in our Be Unique auction-like events where you can win cool products, services, or experiences provided by those brands!

You were planning to shop online anyway - why not get some rewards for you or your favorite cause, at no extra cost? Shop your favorite online stores through psGive, and you will receive a credit back to either use in our events or donate to your favorite cause!

Want to learn more about some great causes and support them directly? Donate straight to our charity partners and they'll receive your entire donation! The only fees we keep are those we have to pay to our credit card processor, so you can be sure the money is going to the right place.

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