How It Works > Be Unique

Your goal is to offer the lowest price that is unique (does not match any other offers).

Enter your offer amount (any amount you wish to pay) in the box labled "My Offer" then click the Offer button to submit it. You may make as many offers as you may want, but each offer costs you one additional token.

The person with the lowest unique offer at the end of the game wins!

You only pay your final offer amount if you are the winner - and only pay that final lowest bid (which becomes a small donation to the cause).

Every token used in this event will benefit this charity

MSRP or estimated value when MSRP is unavailable

The leader is the member who currently has the lowest unique offer

Offer cost tells you how many tokens it will cost for each offer you make

Multiple offers allows you to enter up to 5 offers at one time (each costing tokens) to try to get the lowest unique offer.

Jan 21, 2021 8:41:53 AM