World of Warcraft Game Time

Are you an adventurer in Azeroth? Do you know someone who is? We've got what every World of Warcraft player needs. More game time! If you win this event, you can extend your stay in Azeroth for 90 days while helping a great charity!  More...


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Winner:niuhuskiefansWon for:$0.21Savings:$41.76 If you participated in this event, you should look in your recent activity for any points you may have earned.
World of Warcraft® Game Time
Win game time for World of Warcraft for yourself or a friend! If you are an adventurer in Azeroth, you know that you always need more game time. The winner of this event will receive a code via e-mail which can be redeemed for the 90 days of game time or sent via e-mail to a friend as a gift.
Please note:
The recipient of this gift must have a World of Warcraft account to make use of purchased game time.
This game time can only be used for World of Warcraft accounts on North American servers.
Oct 14, 2019 2:17:38 AM