About Us

Company Overview

psGive increases brand equity and revenue by uniting social media and cause marketing.

More and more consumers buy and recommend brands that support causes they care about. psGive, as part of your cause-branding strategy, is a great way to reach new customers and strengthen ties with existing ones.

Our award-winning channel is designed for deeper consumer engagement by combining the affordability of charity raffles with the excitement of online auctions as well as solutions to tell your story through high-impact branded messaging.

Are you looking to promote your brand or non-profit?

Our Team

Sean Steinmarc, CEO

Sean's extensive background in financial services and operations management made him an ideal leader for psGive where he oversees marketing, brand management, financials and operations. Sean is motivated to affect positive change for non-profits everywhere.

Brad Anderson, Director of Engineering

Brad oversees all technology development, site design and functionality enhancements, while managing and executing the implementation strategy for the organization.

Jan 21, 2021 9:10:31 AM