Looking to Promote Your Brand?

Are you tired of the same old boring contests and Facebook giveaways?
Do you want to make an impact? We have the solution for you!

  • Engage your current fans with fun contests
  • Support amazing causes aligned with your brand
  • Win great press and new fans!
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psGive Provides:

Charity Alignments:

Get matched with a non-profit partner.
Work work with any current cause partnerships you might have.

Fun Contests to Engage Fans Across Social Networks:

Customized contests drive exciting engagement for your fans!
Get liked on Facebook, shared on Twitter, referenced on Instagram, and more!

Facebook App:

Showcase your social-good promotion.
Encourage activity directly on your Facebook page.

Post-Event Contact with Participants:

Re-engage interested fans with a discount code.
Promote a percentage of their purchase donated to charity.


Circulated by psGive and Charities.

Why Choose psGive?

psGive increases your brand's online reach and revenue through contests fueled by cause partnerships.

More and more consumers buy and recommend brands that support causes they care about. psGive reaches new customers and strengthens ties with existing ones through high-impact branded messaging and deeper consumer engagement by combining the affordability of charity raffles with the excitement of online auctions to tell your story.

Jan 21, 2021 10:05:36 AM